Highs & Lows: Let Go Fest 2018

As soon as I found out Gang Of Youths were performing at Let Go, I immediately had to go. I obtained a super last-minute ticket via website VibeWire (and I’m not going to lie I was a little worried it wouldn’t be legit) and joined my mate and her crew.

Getting there was quite easy, with an Uber taking us basically directly across from the ground car park. We walk into the grounds and thus begins my first list, the Lows.

The Lows

  • The entrance gates. What a cluster-fuck, to put it lightly. The line, yeah not too bad, up until it all of a sudden split into 4 different lanes with no warning. We were ushered into the last line for a bag check by a security guard who didn’t seem to care one bit, I walked past him with my bag open and he barely made a glance.
    Easy ability to smuggle in drugs? Check. Not safe at all.
  • This brings me to drug use. We witness two girls already off their faces before even getting into the festival, and witnessed countless more spaced out, uncontrollable punters as the day went on. Big fail by door security no doubt.
  • The bar ticketing system, while a good idea, having not being advertised before the festival left lots of people confused when lining up for drinks to start. Also, having only a $20 and $50 option left people like myself who only wanted one drink left having to figure out a new plan of attack. (I ended up giving away my final drinks to friends because I didn’t want them in the first place.)
  • Allday.
  • Ok, I’ll elaborate a little, dear god what a shocker, I don’t really know what I expected but it wasn’t that.
  • Poor Bag Raiders losing power 3 x during their set. A crazy thing to happen for a headline act and something that really shouldn’t have happened, all due to the generators running out. Poor form.
  • And finally, what made such an amazing festival turn to a poor ending, the bus transport home. Advertised for having a bus every 15 minutes to take punters to various train stops there were no lines or designated waiting areas, leaving highly intoxicated people stumbling around open grounds with busses trying to squeeze through, I’m so surprised no one was run over. Getting different stories from different staff members, being yelled at by one guy having a major powertrip with his megaphone. Having him say we all “might as well get a taxi” (mind you a taxi/uber quote was like $400), police getting involved and bus drivers not letting my last two friends on the bus after the other half of our group was on, despite being plenty of room.
    It took us over an hour from when the festival finished to when we finally got into a bus, which, was barely half full, leaving people behind once again.
    It was a shit storm, poorly managed, and dangerous. If Let Go learn one thing, it’s that this is the main priority. But enough of the stinky lows, they barely stung compared to the incredible highs.

The Highs

  • The weather, while hot, was beautiful. It was sunny and provided a glorious summer day and an exquisite sunset for the final acts.
  • Veggie options! A highlight being the vegetarian spring rolls (which made me miss a good half of Safia but well worth it)
  • These ones a high/low: The random reptile section. I did question the ethics behind it afterwards, especially seeing some animals taken from one person and thrust to another consistently, bearing in mind how people got drunker as the day went on. It was a quirky touch.
  • Silent Disco was cute and played some pretty cool tunes. It’s always a laugh taking off your headphones for a second and see people losing their minds to different songs.
  • The amusement rides, in particular, the Ferris Wheel and the random little car ride were a nice calming touch. And while paid, the massive scray looking ride near the stage provided some extra entertainment between bands.
  • #1, Gang Of Youths. A no brainer. Perfect set timing by Let Go provided a glorious sunset backdrop to the bands energetic, lively and exceptional set. Being up on shoulders for Deepest Sighs, Darkest Shadows was otherwordly, singing along with strangers, jumping like a mad man to our favourite songs, incredible. The band lapped up every moment and songs like Magnolia and Say Yes To Life left everyone with grins as wide as their faces. Perfect, just perfect.
  • And, after the 3 blowouts, Bag Raiders closed off the festival with Shooting Star and everything felt right in the world.

Thanks for a wonderful day Let Go, I just hope you learn from your mistakes.

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