To my love: The 1975

go down, soft sound

To my dearest The 1975,

On the six-year anniversary of your existence in our world I thought it fitting to sit down and express my admiration. 

I became aware of your existence around April 2014 through a friend’s forceful recommendation not long after your release. As ‘Chocolate’ played through the speakers of our local JB Hi-Fi store, I was an angsty and depressed pop-punk kid who was easily impressionable and swayed by aesthetic. I went home and immediately checked you out, and it’s safe to say you imprinted on my heart in an instant.

get in the shower if it all goes wrong

Reflecting on this time of my life is rough, late teenage years are never smooth sailing and you came into my life during the thickest of the murky waters. Life seemed hard. Everything was overwhelming and I was struggling to find my way like many 17-year-olds do. I was swept up in the Tumblr age of aesthetic and self-image. The 1975 Tumblr aesthetic quickly became an identity, and my perception of whether that was good or bad remains to be on the fence. 

you’re cold and I burn

You made me want to dance, you made me want to cry, you made me want to get blackout drunk in the backyard and smoke just for the aesthetic, but you also made me want to live and live ferociously and unapologetically. This album played on repeat for years and years and those who know me well know I wouldn’t shut up about you. 

‘Settle Down’ was my ringtone for years. 

For a moment I want to reflect solely on ‘Robbers’ if I can. Despite this song eventually became a popular single I’m going to be petty and announce it was my favourite track well before then. 

Ok now that has been established, let me continue.

I cried when I saw ‘Robbers’ live for the first time, June 2014, and have the 4 times since.

As I’m writing this I’m not entirely sure if there really are words to describe the sensation that overtakes me when this song comes on, recorded or live. This song encapsulates the erratic and emotive mind that my young teenage self drowned in. I was holding on so desperately to a relationship in an “I can’t live without you” mindset and ‘Robbers’ spoke to that narrative. Screaming out “now everybody’s dead” in a room full of other 1975 fans continues to be a cathartic release of epic proportions. Thank-you.  


there’ll be a riot ‘cause I know you

I will always love you in a nostalgic fashion. Despite the cold, you bring the warmth.


Oh, ‘Me‘. I know you’re an addition to the deluxe, but you deserve the recognition. I scrawled your lyrics over planners, notebooks, my arms and etched you into the deepest parts of my heart. You engulfed me.

don’t you mind // don’t you mind

While these songs have memories of rough and raw times, the feelings I have for you grows stronger as the years pass as new memories override the messy ones. I’ve loved hard and had my heart shattered, I’ve left loves that hurt me and grown to care for myself and not fall into the traps of dangerous aesthetic addiction. Upon reflection, I feel like I’ve grown alongside the growth found within the sounds of your younger counterparts.

oh my broken veins say

The 1975, you are a sign of the times. A complete and utter mess, trying to do your best. Navigating the fucked up waters of young love, self-identity and independence. Even this letter feels empty and unfulfilling to the love I have for you. Now as a 23-year-old you continue to speak to my soul and I will never thank you enough for holding me as I walked through these last six years. Your songs were soundtracks to love, heartbreak, misery and joy and I will forever find peace and comfort within your 16 little moments. 

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