Boo Seeka – Take A Look

Drenched in synthy-goodness, ‘Take A Look’ is the latest single from Sydney electro-pop duo Boo Seeka. Hopeful and triumphant it’s a journey of reflection and growth as it’s overflowing wave of synth feels like it’s cleansing the soul of the past.

I found a reason to be alive now I’ve got a moment in my hands / Don’t wanna come down up here in the clouds

As it breaks through the soil, soft and light it builds and builds until it sprouts toward the skies.

Boo Seeka 2

2020 sees Boo Seeka dive deep into writing and recording some epic new material to release later in the year, and if it’s anything like this, it might be that breath of fresh air we’re all longing for.

Listen to Take A Look

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