Congrats – Russian Roulette

Get yourself a Yungblud attitude and mix it into a synthy pool of Post Malone emotion and you get the epic new single from Slowly Slowly frontman Ben Stewart’s dark-pop project, Congrats. Full of crisp hip-hop styled beats underneath gritty vocals, ‘Russian Roulette’ explodes into an anthemic chorus that aches to be sung at the top of your lungs. A live show killer for sure.

old familiar sting in my eyes / like at the part in the movie where the hero dies

It’s accompanying music video is a disheveled look into an early morning descent into mental chaos. During the YouTube premiere of the video Ben jumped on to answer some fan questions that included a peek into his writing process.

“I generally know pretty quickly which project [songs] will fall under. I write Slowly [songs] mostly by my lonesome, in the same room as always, but Congrats is all over the place in different studios.”

Giving little insights into the videos filming, Ben added it was filmed over 3 nights, and that he had to drive a left-handed car. Luckily restrictions had been eased at that time so the 4am filming wasn’t an issue.

Listen to Russian Roulette

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