Morgan Saint – HELP

A two year hiatus hasn’t dampened New York’s Morgan Saint’s style in the slightest, as deep synths and haunting whispers rip apart the beginning of her latest, ‘HELP’.

‘DON’T BE SCARED’ mixes ominous haunting energy with a heart-pumping, seductive fire “I like to make you beg for it“. A call to an intimate craving, panting and roars heard throughout create a viciously lustful track.

‘HELP’ narrates the love triangle Morgan found herself in when she discovered she had feelings for her best friend, despite having another partner. “Can you love somebody if you love somebody else?“, as she calls out to the universe for guidance, her wispy and hushed vocals are spine-tingling and intimate. Mixed with electro-pop synths, thrumming beats and crashing basslines ‘KEEP ON HANGING ON’ gives off a Lorde’s ‘Supercut’ nostalgia providing a dancing-with-tears-in-your-eyes atmosphere.

Add a dash of mechanical chaos to the pot, ‘SWITCH’ is a dark r&b track as Morgan realises her affection has grown to the point where there’s no going back “I can’t walk away from you and I / So I’m ready to die with it / I’m gonna die with it” the song itself dying out in a scattered glitchy breakdown.

Wrapping up the timeline with two gorgeous love tracks, Morgan is unapologetically honest, “can I make a confession? I think I’m obsessed with you” ‘THIS CITY”s popping synths and bouncy melody brings the warmth of light sunshine when you’re finally with the person who makes everything feel okay. Co-written and produced with her girlfriend in the quarantine hide-out of her childhood bedroom, the love flows through the concluding piano keys. Whereas ‘I DREAMT THAT I KNEW YOU”s harmonised vocals and light guitar licks lift the track toward the skies. The clouds have parted and the light is shining through, “I love you forever / even though good times and stormy weather” it’s a release of pure love, gratitude and hope as Morgan’s angelic ooh’s reverberate to a calm conclusion.

Listen to HELP

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