Creature Fear – Little Fishes

Deep funky basslines drive the latest single from Melbourne’s Creature Fear. Picking up into a thunderous chorus filled with gritty rock riffs and dark grungy vocals of singer Cameron Graham, it gives off a Royal Blood-styled gothic energy. The chorus is upbeat and fun “little fishy in my soul / take a hook and down I go”, the band toy with the fragility of life, being sucked in and taken so easily. 

As Jacqui Lumsden’s takes over the second verse her operatic vocals are theatrical and crisp while the grunge guitar lines drive the angst and punchy melodies. Rounding out repeating “I’ve got to be better for you” everything moulds together, the gritty riffs and the chorus of “oh”s carrying the song home with raw energy and flare; a quirky and angsty track that’s sure to be a live show killer. 

Listen to Little Fishes

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