The Rollercanes – Cops on Bikes

Sunny and bright, the opening riffs of The Rollercanes’ latest single ‘Cops on Bikes’ is full of summer air. Relatable as anything toward all creative industry folk, the song narrates the dead-end feeling of constantly trying to prove your worth as an artist.

I spend every cent on a dream that’s going nowhere / but when I talk to my family I tell them things are going better than they are” Well, ain’t that the truth.

Singer Daniel Wright’s vocals have a slight Violent Soho twang to it, at times if you closed your eyes it almost sound like a Luke Boerdam cameo, and that’s a compliment. Punchy but light on the melodies, the track bounces along through it’s catchy chorus of garage-pop mixed with the worn-out energy of it’s vocal delivery, it’s the perfect track to pair with a sunny day around the BBQ -remember those days?- and is sure to be a live show killer.

The band are also donating proceeds from any BandCamp purchases of the song to Aboriginal led justice coalition, Change The Record.

Listen to Cops on Bikes

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