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A global pandemic hasn’t slowed down the efforts of western Sydney electro-pop duo dekleyn one bit, with the release of their self-titled debut album. Completely written, recorded, produced and by the duo (Justin Kleyn and Matthew DeCelis) they have produced a full-length 12-track piece of art full of danceable beats and smooth grooves.

The album kicks off with uplifting and punchy ‘Leave It To Me’, soaring high “take the leap don’t take the fall” the song navigates breaking free of being stuck in a rut, a relatable energy needed for the sluggish energy 2020 has provided.

‘Who We Are’ demonstrates dekleyn’s app ability to create a lush summery pop tune, with slick vocal effects, pulsing beats and shimmering melodies it’s a track that belongs on a summer fashion clothing brand add for sure, picture people running around on the beach in the sun, laughing and having fun, that’s the vibe. Another stand out pop track comes in the form of ‘One More Night’, it’s ripping guitar line is funky paired with the thrumming hi-hat beat and thick bass line, if ‘Who We Are’ is the day party, ‘One More Night’ will take us to sundown.

It’s not all glittery pop tunes through, quite frankly it’s the love and heartbreaking ballads that demonstrate dekleyn’s softer side, as Kleyn’s harmonised vocals give off early LANY vibes underneath a soft, pulsating beat in ‘Time, Place & You’. “Maybe if I loved more / or opened my heart up more / say how I feel / show you everything’s real/ then maybe you’d call me yours”, crisp drums with that infamous dekleyn running guitar line washes over you, absorbing every word. ‘Bruise’ and ‘From the Start’ are raw, heartbreaking tracks that spill emotion right there on the floor, “Take my self / to when we thought it was forever”, the reverberated guitars and vocals provides a trance-like feeling, spinning around in a daydream of could-have-beens.

The switch is flipped during ‘Give It Up’ featuring Sydney musician and producer Billy Fox, it’s a lustful slow groove full of longing and heat, and it’s not too soon until our hearts are completely shattered by the sombre piano ballad ‘Is Everybody Happy’, a simple, soft and aching track about the loss of a loved one, as “is everybody happy?” rings out on repeat, it’s a gut-wrenching track.

dekleyn have packed every little thing they can into their debut, from bouncy pop, slow grooves and emotional ballads all coated in the unique musical style that makes them who they are.

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