Slowly Slowly – Melbourne

After being drafted to create an ode to Melbourne by triple J’s Hobba and Hing, Slowly Slowly’s Ben Stewart had 24-hours to create, record and film a video for the ‘Quarantune’ project, and boy he delivered. Premiered on October 6th via Instagram, the track is finally available across all streaming platforms!

The song is full of sweet nods to iconic Melbourne features that conjure up a strong nostalgia and longing to dive back into the city we all adore so much.

“Yeah I hear The Forum / the heat in the air” and “I’d love nothing more to be standing behind the pole at the Corner” pull on the heart and the intense missing of live music. The narrative showing that even if we’re stuck behind the iconic Corner Hotel pole it wouldn’t matter, these phrases are enough for the heart to sink into the stomach with reminiscent grief.

The references keep flowing, some hilarious in their boring yet relatable nature, “I wanna see the ‘G light up this year / and sit on Punt Road for an hour” Stewart captures the every-day notions of Melbourne life perfectly. The way Stewart personifies Melbourne by proclaiming that it’ll “answer when I call”, and well as stating “and I miss her”, it turns the emotional connection to the city up to 100.

Coupled with a video also shot within the same 24-hours showing Stewart doing mundane things such as pouring a coffee (and spilling it) as he sings from the rooftops.

If cities had anthems, this would be it, and I think we owe it to our city to get this track up there in the Hottest 100 next year.

Listen to Melbourne

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