Picket Palace – All About the Money

After getting lots of attention when their tribute to Essendon footy player ‘Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti went viral, Melbourne punk-rock band Picket Palace found that you can’t win them all. Being criticised for “selling out” the band envisioned a version of themselves becoming consumed by the attention and actually selling-out, and thus the satirical ‘All About The Money’ was born.

You want another record? I want a jet ski” and other ridiculous proclamations on top of gritty guitars and a bashing drum line drives the fast-paced rough track forward, a true pub dance anthem. As the song continues they take a dig at just how shit the industry really is with paying artists and how the industry isn’t a lucrative place (“getting paid in exposure can’t cover my rent”), even if bands seem to “sell out” with a viral single. “Tell me what the opportunity costs“, “I’d do your gardens if it’s cash in hand” despite the important message behind it, the band aren’t afraid to have fun with it turning some trashy criticism into a great song. Coupled with a video to be released next week, the band is animated hilariously in Bob’s Burger style, so be sure to keep your eyes open for that one.

Listen to All About the Money

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