Funeral Lakes – Redeemer

Ontario duo Funeral Lakes’ new EP ‘Redeemer’ is a hauntingly deep journey of question and reflection. Picking up heavy in opener ‘Solstice’ a driving bass drum kicks the pace forward, as it’s mixed against the airy ethereal vocals of singer Sam Mishos. The track rises, like its being yelled from the mountain tops, and Chris Hemer’s strong vocals cry out, “I cannot pray for rain if it won’t fall / I cannot ask forgiveness if I want it all” transitioning into ‘Place I Stay’ continuing with the heavenly themes.

‘Saint Dymphna’ continues with our questioning “are you listening?”, as the harmonising vocals between Mishos and Hemer blend perfectly. The title, a nod to Dymphna the saint patron of anxiety and mental illness, the thematics are stunning and beautifully depicted within the stirring cries.

Photo: Roy Zheng

Haunting vocal reverb gives each track a wide open space to breathe, lightly strummed guitar lines and echoing plucks of electric, paint imagery of a slow, soft, rainy day but maintain a slow grooving beat, adding dynamic and intrigue.

The synth that encompasses ‘Theres Got To Be Something Better Soon’ paired with lyrics “who will break my heart?” is a tension built release to close the work, with our questions still unanswered, what will become of us now?

Funeral Lakes’ folky, shoe-gaze styling is slow and soft but far from boring, as they change up the melodies and dynamics enough to keep things moving. ‘Redeemer’s steady guided pace is the perfect accompaniment for lighting a candle and sitting with a good cup of tea in a blanket, or maybe talking a meditative walk through the forest.

Listen to Redeemer

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