PRETTY BLEAK – next to me

Not even a global pandemic can stop Melbourne emo pop outfit PRETTY BLEAK, as they kick on strong with latest single ‘next to me’.

A punchy drum intro crashes into a catchy guitar riff, paired with a whirling synth that gives into a full-bodied hook. “You wanna stay here or not?“, vocalist Sam Thomas questions as the opening verse is low but upbeat and melodic, as the track breaks into an explosive chorus.

The track is full of dynamic melodies, quirky samples and just pure fun. Thomas explains the track navigates the human condition of being chained to social norms (noted by the singles artwork), “no matter how individually-minded, no one person can divorce themselves from the judgement of others”; it’s verses are slow and pensive as the choruses lift and soar.

Photo: Michelle Grace Hunder

‘next to me’ is the bands first single since the release of their debut EP ‘blood’, released earlier this year. While maintaining similar stylings this latest single takes it up a notch in both style and production, opting for a poppier melody yet maintaining the bands gritty grunge aesthetic.

As swirling synths take us up the the final chorus, we’re grooving in the melody until Thomas hits a wickedly impressive high note “is it a liability? she wants to be next to me”, there’s no lying this track is a surefire ear-worm and a live show favourite.

The music video for ‘next to me’ is out tonight at 6pm, premiering on YouTube.

Listen to next to me

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