SICK VISOR – Happy Pessimistic People Person Introvert

New band alert! Sick Visor is the newest project from Alex Moses (Columbus) and Katie Lovelock (Baby Shower), having blended their musical prowess and apt for creating an ear worm, their debut single ‘Happy Pessimistic People Person Introvert’ is as catchy as it comes.

The song navigates the complicated waters of adult emotions and how life can get quite overwhelming, while still finding the joy in life even if it gets hard to feel it sometimes “I feel like the world is water and I’m a not a little fish / But I’m proud, of my best and worst“. The song is authentic, honest, and relatable with nods toward many things we fellow introverts feel in various situations.

Filmed by Sean Kirkpatrick and Alison Erlanger of @aecreative_space, the music video shows the duo in a children’s TV show, playing instruments, doing paintings, telling stories, and even having the ever-missed scheduled nap time, as the band state “Sick Visor’s mission statement is to bring childlike joy back to being grown-ups”.

Sick Visor maintains that classic pop-punk sound that’s full of upbeat melodies and is incredibly catchy with a debut single that ticks all the boxes.

Listen to Happy Pessimistic People Person Introvert here

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